How We Do Giant Freshwater Prawn Farming?

Giant Freshwater Prawn

Giant freshwater prawns live in freshwater environments but berried females migrate downstream to brackishwater where the eggs hatch into larvae


Broodstock are stocked at about 4:1 female-male ratio. Blue- and orange-clawed males are preferred since these males are bigger and are able to mate more efficiently than smaller males.
Process 1


Larvae are fed brine shrimp nauplii, egg custard (solidified egg emulsion), and water fleas, Moina sp.
Process 2


Primary nursery rearing phase takes 15 to 30 days; Secondary nursery to produce juveniles is up to 60 days. Fifteen-day old PL (PL 15) and older are ready for grow-out.
Process 3


Prawns reach marketable size in 4 to 5 months. Mean size at harvest is 25-35 grams but male prawns could grow to larger sizes. Longer culture period may be required for higher stocking densities.
Process 4